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What’s The Story?

“It’s not creative unless it sells”. It’s all about the sale. Sell to the emotion.
Out of the box thinking, Creative, Intuitive … Connecting the dots … Seeing things others miss as they ‘sleep walk through life’ … are words best used to describe me.

Diamonds or  Mazel.com, it’s all about selling pleasures and keeping people connected.

i asked … i learned … icame.com

Meet the Team

I am the people who make the business go and behind customer service.


Bruce Diller Verstandig

Founder & CEO

short bio with an interesting fact about me

Bruce is committed to Judaism and is a member of an Orthodox Synagogue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in NYC.
Bruce is the founder of OrganicJudaism.org “if it’s in the Torah its Organic”, with its principle theme “evdo ess hasem b’shimcha” serve god with joy” psalm 100

‘tikun olem’ (repair the world) is his life project.

Having being thrown out of Ramaz in the seventh grade enabled Bruce to learn the beauty of Judaism, God and Torah as best said in Psalm 100, “Serve God with Joy.”

Next Steps…